Current Version: 1.0


  • Generates passwords with 1 to 256 characters in length
  • Can create thousands of passwords at one time
  • Passwords may have lowercase letters, uppercase letters, numbers or special characters
  • Choose which special characters to use
  • Exclude some characters from the password
  • Copy generated passwords to the clipboard
  • Export generated passwords to text files (txt, csv) or MS Excel spreadsheets

Known Issues

  • Repeated passwords can be generated [to be fixed in v1.1]


  • MS Windows
  • MS Excel, to export the generated passwords to a MS Excel spreadsheet

Future plans

  • Add an option to avoid repeated passwords [v1.1]
  • Migrate from Delphi to Lazarus/Free Pascal [v1.2]
  • English localization [v1.2]
  • Export generated passwords to [v2.0]
  • Linux version [v2.0]